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Research and Strategy

Helping your brand win trust 

and customers.



Insight to Help You Become Your Customer's Obvious Choice 

We believe the right marketing strategy helps you win. Developing it comes from investing time to understand your customer's needs, your competitive landscape, and your brand's strengths, weaknesses and goals.

For 30 years the founder of Grindle Marketing Communications has helped start-ups, mid-market and fortune 500 companies to conduct research, build strategies and tactical plans which build trust and differentiate brands from their competition leading to growth.

Working together, we can gain deeper customer insights to develop the right strategy. Together we'll transfer your brand's value into integrated and compelling tactics, building awareness, and converting your leads into long term customer relationships.

We're are committed to helping you win mindshare, market share, and most importantly creating lasting value for your brand and your customers. 

Insight to drive strategy

Market Research

  • Focus groups

  • In-depth-interviews

  • Web / phone surveys

  • Concept testing

  • Customer satisfaction & loyalty

  • Positioning / Attitude & Usage

  • Customer segmentation

  • Secondary & competitive

Unlocking how to uniquely meet your customer’s needs is how you win. In the world of information overload, you not only want to reach your customers and secure meaningful insights, you want actions you can initiate quickly.


For 30 years we’ve been designing qualitative and quantitative research with one goal in mind: Helping our customers to uncover actionable insights to solve their business needs.

David Mayhew.jpg

David Mayhew, 

Wiley Research Marketing

“They used secondary research and conducted primary research, including large-N surveys, small focus groups, and one-on-one interviews, and was able to provide us a playbook of recommendations to preserve what our customers loved about our brand, and extend it into the future.”  

Positioning for Success


  • Positioning

  • Portfolio / Architecture

  • Message Development

  • Naming & Identity

  • Promotional Products

fingerprint test.png

Your brand is everything your customer thinks, feels, and understands about you. The collective perception of all touchpoints you have with your customers. It’s what you say, how you say it, and the tone of voice you use when you convey it.


By helping companies recognize the power of simplicity and how to address the basic needs of their customers, we’ve helped companies build their brand position and re-brand outdated ones. Giving their customers the confidence and trust they seek when making even the most basic purchase decisions.

Steven Gore.jpg

“They helped crystalize our message and align our branding. We'd had gone through four years of growth and acquisition. Following their recommended transition to a master brand approach has helped us optimize our marketing efforts. We are able to speak with a single voice, showing our customers the breadth of our capabilities." 

Steven Gore,

Senior VP and General Manager 

Momentum Manufacturing Group

Right message, 

right time, right place

Marketing Tactics

  • Websites / Social media

  • Video

  • Brochures

  • Email campaigns

  • Marketing automation

  • White papers / Case studies

  • Community reports

Marketing Tactics.png

How, when, and where you deliver your message is as important as what you have to say. In today’s always “on” world, breaking through the clutter with clear, concise, and compelling messages is the challenge.


We help clients go beyond just clever attention-grabbing creativity to delivering great content that is channel-based. Because a click that doesn’t convert into a relationship with lasting value is just another metric that doesn’t matter.

“The evolution of our branding, integrated messaging, logo refresh, website, videos, and collateral support all helped to re-energize our company. The brand evolution work and consistency in our execution helped to reinforce our position as industry leaders.”  

Lenny Marano.jpg

Leonard Marano,

Chief Commercial Officer 

Gerber Technology

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